When You Lived Inside The Walls

When You Lived Inside The Wall - A chapbook collection of short stories by Krishan Coupland, published by Stonewood Press.
“It is winter again before you return to the hardware store. That’s how long it takes for the loss to mount, to surge up like a wall of water and crash down on you. You want her back, you tell the hardware man, who listens to your story with a face like a carving, then beckons you into the back room.”

When You Lived Inside The Walls is my first chapbook – a collection of three short stories featuring rats, the living dead, hoarders and distant wars. It’s published by Stonewood Press as part of their Thumbprint series.

The stories featured are “Days Necrotic” (previously chosen as the winner of the Manchester Fiction Prize), “When You Lived Inside The Walls”, and “Holdings”.

The book was launched in Norwich in February 2017. Since then it has been nominated for a Saboteur Award and shortlisted for the Gladstone Library Writer In Residence scheme.

It’s also quite a neat little book. It will almost certainly fit in your pocket. It’s short, but the spine is strong enough to hit someone with. It also costs less than five pounds. Some sandwiches cost more than that. If you’d like to buy a copy, that would be great.