November Update: InkTears, Esoterica, And The Pigeonhole Book Club


Image by Ellen Keizer.

My story “Immortal” was highly commended in the InkTears Flash Fiction Competition this month. It’s a very brief tale about a mortal man who has a one night stand with a woman who will likely live forever. At the moment it’s not available anywhere online, but I hope to soon find a home for it – perhaps as one of the final stories in Archipelago, my story-a-day project for 2015.

I’ve also spent part of this month writing more spontaneous stories – this time at an interactive art event in Norfolk. Esoterica collected several exhibits together in a space attached to a pub, and allowed members of the public to come and interact with them. You can see some of the stories that I wrote during it on the Street Typist Twitter feed. And, following a suggestion from one of the Esoterica folk, I’m now on Instagram as well.

Finally, The Pigeonhole (publishers of my short story “Blue”) have also been busy. They’ve recently introduced a “book club” feature, which allows you and a group of friends to read from a selection of titles on a week-by-week, chapter-by-chapter basis, while also discussing what you’ve read in your own private forum. It looks like a very cool way to share a book, and you can check it out for yourself here. They have a number of original titles, as well as some ex-copyright classics. My story “Blue” is in Fable, and I also have an entry in their Sex Staves collection.