October Update: SubTerrain, Archipelago, And The Poetry Book Fair


Some Place To Go

This month, my short story “Some Place To Go” was published in issue seventy-one of Canadian literary magazine SubTerrain. I’d highly recommend picking up a copy – the issue is beautifully presented, and I’ve enjoyed reading every single one of the stories, poems and essays in its pages. “Some Place To Go” is an old one; I finished the first draft five years ago, and have been searching for a home for it ever since. It’s a weird little tale about a couple who escape a secure facility in an attempt to find refuge from an apocalypse they’re convinced is just over the horizon.

Lately, I’ve also been working on the final hundred or so stories for Archipelago. The blog is now home to two-hundred-and-ninety-three tiny stories – one for each day of 2015 so far. Just seventy-two more, and I’ll have completed the entire year – I’m already looking forward to the feeling of mild and temporary satisfaction that I’ll experience when (or if) that happens.

At the end of last month I put the finishing touches to the most recent issue of Neon Literary Magazine. It’s now available in a variety of formats from the website. It comes with a free copy of Battery Pack Volume Two – a micro-anthology of tiny stories by six very talented flash writers. Just before the issue launched, I took Battery Pack and the Neon chapbooks to the Free Verse Poetry Book Fair in London, where it was a fun experience to actually meet some human beings face to face, and see just how healthy the state of poetry in the UK actually is. One of my favourite discoveries was The Literary Pocket Book – a small press that produces beautifully made and original combinations of poetry and paper, including one book made from scans of pages from a book left to decay in a coalfield.

Finally, I’ve started a new Twitter feed, where I’ll be posting pictures of some of the stories I write while busking. I won’t be recording every single one, as the transient nature of the act is one of the things I like about it – but do follow if you’d like to occasionally look over a piece of hastily typewritten fiction.