June Update: Twine, Little Folk, And The Fractured Nuance


June Update

I’ve spent many hours over the past few weeks playing around with Twine – an open-source interactive storytelling tool. It’s pleasingly simple to use, whilst still being versatile and easy to customise. It’s certainly much easier and neater than using HTML, and requires no real knowledge of code. If you’re at all interested in the possibilities of hypertext fiction, I’d recommend checking it out.

The end result of the hours spent playing is this – a companion piece to my story “Blue”, which was published by The Pigeonhole as part of their Fable anthology last month. If you haven’t read “Blue” you can still sign up – The Pigeonhole publishes novels and collections in weekly instalments, and the price for Fable is just £0.56 per story. The companion piece (which has the rather laborious title of “A Guide To The Capture And Identification Of The Little Folk Of Myth And Legend”) is free, entirely fictional, not-at-all serious, and can be read right here.

Two of my poems also appear in The Fractured Nuance. This new literary magazine published its first issue this month, and quite apart from having a very sonically-pleasing name, it also has a beautiful print edition which costs only £2.50. You can pick up a copy here – please do if you have the chance; new literary magazines can sometimes have a hard time establishing a readership, but this is one that definitely deserves to succeed.