“She Blows Up Buildings”, “Day Of The Giraffe”, “At The School Of Flight” and “Concrete” Published in Lunar Poetry


Lunar Poetry

The body was found folded
in a barrel of cement. Dead
when they disposed of him,
they said, and I was grateful.


Four of my poems appear in the latest issue of Lunar Poetry, a relatively young monthly poetry magazine published both in print and online. The issue was launched on Tuesday 31st March at the l’klecktic gallery in London, where there were readings, drinks and general celebrations.

I love Lunar Poetry‘s approach to publishing. Printed issues are almost-ridiculously cheap (£3 for up to eighty pages of poetry) and the digital edition is sold on a pay-what-you-like basis. The website is also home to a fantastic and frequently thought-provoking blog, as well as audio poems and a host of regular features. If you want to support this fantastic new magazine, you can buy a copy of it here.