“Depths” Published in (Paranthetical)

Short Fiction

Paranthetical Magazine

In the immediate aftermath of orgasm you are surprised to find that you’ve shrunk down to the size of a pin and fallen into her vagina. You land, ankle-deep, and gasp upright, the last tremors of your climax still shivering your skin. The vast muscular walls of her heave above you, ribbed and glistening like the roof of a mouth.


My short story “Depths” appears in the most recent issue of the Canadian literary zine (Paranthetical). The zine is available both online and in print, and is produced by Words (On) Pages, an organisation that aims to work with emerging writers. As well as running the zine they provide editorial and design services, run a blog and host regular events. You can find out more about what they do here.

“Depths” was written several years ago, but it’s taken until now to find a publisher. It’s one of my favourite stories, and (Paranthetical) is an excellent little magazine, so I’m really happy to have found a home for it there. I’d thoroughly recommend picking up a copy of the zine if you can – it costs only eight pounds from their Etsy shop.