“Listen, Sally”


Listen, Sally - A Hyperfiction Short Story

I want to say I’m sorry. But to be fair it’s not all my fault. You have to take some of the blame as well. You know you shouldn’t provoke me.


I’ve republished on this site a short piece of hyperfiction that I wrote several years ago. It was, for a while, due to be published in an online collection of hypertext fiction, but the project collapsed before anything happened, so I thought I’d return it to here where it can at least be read.

Listen, Sally” is a short story told entirely in dialogue. It was put together in HTML and CSS, using Notepad++. It took about a week to write. I’d love to convert it to a more sensible, portable format, but I’ve long-since lost the map I made of the story, and it would be a lot of work to recreate it. There are, as far as I remember, six possible endings, and eighty-seven individual pages.