“A Trick Of The Mind” Published by The Fake Press

Short Fiction

The Fake Press

It’s shadows on the wall of a cave, it is. Nothing that happens is really real. Just neurons firing in the soft butter of our brains. So why not change things? He leans across the table, his pint glass slopping beer onto the already-swimming surface. He stabs his finger into the wood. Why not change things?


My very short story “A Trick Of The Mind” appears on the website of The Fake Press, a project set up by undergraduate students at the University of East Anglia, where I’m currently working towards a PhD. The website aims to bring together a community of the writers and readers that surround UEA, and to create a platform for students. Although it’s relatively new there are already some really interesting pieces to read. Take a look at Nina Ward’s poem “I Am Tired Of Hearing Others Fucking“, or the very short story “Lines Written After A Dream” by Henry Williams.