“The Provisional Government” Published in The Patchwork Paper


The Patchwork Paper

We’re just doing our job,
they say, as they taser the furious
bereaved. It’s nothing personal.
Don’t hate us while we’re saving you.


My poem “The Provisional Government” appears in The Patchwork Paper, an online magazine which describes itself as a “quilt of truly original poetry, prose and visual culture for everyone to get involved with“. Much of what they publish explores the idea of arts activism and personal or political expression through art.

“The Provisional Government” is one of a series of five poems about a zombie apocalypse. The series as a whole is titled “The Top Five Most Annoying People You Will Meet After The End Of Civilisation”, and was written in the style of any of the numerous list-based articles produced by sites like BuzzFeed or Cracked. This XKCD comic captures the general tone of these articles perfectly, and it was a combination of that and this intriguing New Yorker post (which explores exactly why we find list-based articles so appealing) that inspired the series.