Archipelago - A blog of tiny stories, updated daily.

One day I drive him back home, and there are police cars ramped up on the kerb outside his house. He ducks his head as we cruise past. “Nice and steady on the gas,” he mumbles, and then we’re away and heading back towards the ring road.


Starting from today (1st January 2015) I’ll be publishing one tiny piece of short fiction each day on my new blog Archipelago. Most of the stories are original, but some are edited versions of existing stories, or are derived from my longer fiction. The blog updates automatically at 09:00 each morning. You can bookmark it, follow it via RSS, or sign up to receive updates daily by email.

My last project involving micro-fiction short stories (an interactive piece titled Hotel), was a lot of fun to work on. After completing it, I decided to continue writing stories of that length. Posting one piece each day should be an interesting challenge. At the moment I have a buffer of about forty updates programmed in. I’ll be working hard to try and stay ahead.

Do visit the blog and subscribe if you’re interested. The first piece, titled “A Difficult Lesson” has already been posted. It’s a story about someone who falls in love with their driving instructor / drug dealer.