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Neon Thirty-Nine And The Naming Of Cancer


Neon + The Naming Of Cancer

In October I published the thirty-ninth issue of Neon Literary Magazine, which featured the work of James Nixon, Tracey Iceton, Debra McQueen, Emily Rose Cole, Alex Sword, Colin Bancroft, Jasmine Chatfield, Matthew Di Paoli, Jack Houston, Gerard McKeown, and Frederick Pollack. The cover image was by the very talented Davyd Samuels. As ever it is now available to download for free in a variety of formats, or to purchase in print.

As well as a new issue of the magazine, there’s also The Naming Of Cancer by Tracey S Rosenberg – Neon‘s first ever chapbook. The title is one of three that will be published over the next few months. The reception has been fantastic so far, and – although biased – I highly recommend it. You can read a preview from the chapbook, purchase copies, or find out about the other titles in the series on the website.