“2001” Published in Litro

Short Fiction

Litro Magazine - The Horror Issue

The Millenium Bug was hungry again; Skylark could feel it in her stomach. They were linked, the Bug and the girl. Last night’s shopping sat still-bagged on the table. Quietly, she took food from there: bread, tinned peaches and other things she knew it liked to eat. Her parents were in the living room, arguing, TV turned up loud to mask the sound. She hated them. They were like pet dogs – big, unwieldy, useless. They thought she was asleep.


My short story “2001” has been published in the horror-themed October issue of Litro. The story is about a young girl who can see something which she believes in the Millennium Bug. I was twelve years old around the time of the new millennium, and remember being distinctly terrified that the world would end at midnight on December 31st 1999. Fortunately it didn’t, but the memory of that fear eventually lead to this story.

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