“The Magician” Wins Second Place in Creative Writing Matters Flash Fiction Competition

Short Fiction

Creative Writing Matters - Post

Against her better judgement, she married the magician. He was a sweet man and she was dedicated to him. During the wedding ceremony he made fragrant rose petals rain from the ceiling of the chapel. That first night, as they lay in bed together, he conjured silk scarves from nowhere, and made fireworks explode from his fingertips.


My very short story “The Magician” has won second place in the annual Flash Fiction Competition run by Creative Writing Matters. The overall competition was won by David Andrews for his excellent story “Harvest” – you can read both stories online, and also see a list of shortlisted entrants, and a blog post from one of the judges. Creative Writing Matters runs a series of yearly competitions, as well as organizing workshops, courses, mentoring and a manuscript appraisal service.

The story is one of a number of 250-word or less stories that I have been writing for a project that will begin next year. It was inspired – somewhat obliquely – by an episode of The IT Crowd.