“The Baxters Go To Norwich” Published on City Of Stories Website

Short Fiction

The Baxters Go To Norwich - Part Of The Norwich City Of Stories Project

His bag lay on the seat beside him, stuffed with clothes, school books and his ancient laptop computer – the only things he’d had time to pack. It was more than likely, he reflected glumly, that everything he’d left behind would by now have been burned and trampled by the mob.


My short story “The Baxters Go To Norwich” has been published on the City Of Stories website, as part of a twelve-week project designed to raise the profile of Norwich as a literary city. As you might guess from the story’s title, it’s set in Norwich, and was written specifically for the City Of Stories project. It was a fun experience to write something a to a brief – although I feel the end result is somewhat different from my usual work, I’m still quite pleased with it. Do have a look at the other articles and stories on the site while you’re visiting.