Riptide Journal

“The Cellar” Published in Riptide

Short Fiction

Riptide Journal

There is food down there. Blue plastic bins filled with rice and flour and barley. Tins of dehydrated milk, powdered egg. Jars of jam and marmalade that glow slightly in the pale light that filters in through the vent. The stuff is stacked along the wall in labelled compartments. Organised, ready and waiting for the day when the world above will end.


My very short story “The Cellar” has been published in volume ten of Riptide. It is a story about a man who is very well-prepared for terrible things that might happen.

The theme of this particular volume, “The Suburbs”, is explored in poetry, fiction and life-writing, with a foreword written by children’s novelist and poet Michael Rosen. Reassuringly solid printed copies of Riptide can be purchased from the website, or from selected bookstores. This issue was launched on June 20th at the University of Essex.

My work has appeared in Riptide once before. In 2009 my story “Teeth” was published in volume four of the journal.