“The House Of My Grandfather” Performed at Liars’ League

Short Fiction

Liars' League

There are rooms here that I’ve never seen before. Quiet rooms, layered with dust. At the back of the house we find a second staircase that winds upwards in a tight spiral. We wander through bedrooms, endless bedrooms and bathrooms and offices. All are imperiously neat, echoingly empty.


My short story “The House Of My Grandfather” has been performed at a Liars’ League event in London. You can read the text of the story online, or watch a video of it being read by Cliff Chapman at a Liars’ League event which took place in London at the start of June. The story is about a newly-engaged couple who go to visit a relative, but have trouble finding him within his house.

Liars’ League is a monthly event with outposts in several cities around the world. It recently won the “Best Spoken Word Night” Saboteur Award. You can find out about forthcoming events via the Liars’ League website.

Another of my stories “The Pilot’s Wife” was performed at a previous event in 2013. There’s even a video of the reading from that occasion.