Hotel - A Hyperfiction



Hotel - A Hyperfiction

Three days ago Brandon sat at the head of a table, clutched a polystyrene cup of phenobarbital and cyanide, and watched the thrashing, quiet deaths of his eighteen loyal followers. When the last limb fell still and it was time for him to join them, he found that his hand was trembling. His dry tongue tasted sour and he couldn’t stop looking at the blue bloated face of his secretary – a woman named Karen.


I’ve added a collection of very short stories to the hyperfiction section. The set is called HotelĀ (click here to read it), and is arranged around the floor plan of a fictional hotel somewhere on the outskirts of London. Each room contains a different guest or guests, and you can find out about them by navigating your way around the building. Click on a room to read about the occupants.

The text for Hotel was written over the course of about three months, and then put together in HTML using Notepad++. Some of the guests are borrowed from other stories or poems I have written, and there are a number of secret rooms and pages. Over time, guests may move out and be replaced by others.

This is one of the more extensive pieces of hyperfiction that I’ve assembled. It wasn’t particularly technically complex – although it took me a disproportionately long time to work out how to draw a curved line in Photoshop.