“Decade” Published in Ambit

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Ambit Magazine

You’re parked in the drive in a car full of chickens. You’re holding one against your belly, cradling it, the dead thing, the feathers clayed in shit, pucker-skinned and bloody. Through the windscreen it looks as if you’re crying for an armful of laundry. I wait shivering in my gown and slippers, then tap on the glass. You start. You let me in. The car smells the way farms do in summer. Those things clucking and scratching in the back.


My short story “Decade” has been published in the latest issue of Ambit, which can be purchased from the Ambit website. It is a story told in reverse about a couple forced apart by their ideals – I wrote it shortly after I gave up on the idea that I was destined to be a veterinary surgeon. It’s one of the oldest stories I’ve written, but I’m still very pleased with it, and thrilled to have it appear in a magazine like Ambit.

I was fortunate enough to be able to read from the story at an event in London. There I met Martyn Crucefix, Kita Shantiris and Stuart Snelson, who were also reading their work from the magazine. You can find out about future Ambit events on the website, where you can also purchase a copy of the magazine from their shop.