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“Big Bones” Published in MISO

Short Fiction, Writing

Miso Magazine

It’s hard for a girl. You wouldn’t understand. It’s not like being fat where you can do something about it. Even when you’re short you can wear heels. I feel like a giant sometimes, like a big clumsy giant. Everybody looks. Everybody sees. Boys don’t like it. I don’t like it. When we’re in bed together I feel like I’m too big for them, like there’s too much of me and they’re going to get lost somehow, disappear and leave me alone again.


My very short story “Big Bones” appears in the first ever issue of MISO Magazine, a bi-annual literary magazine that publishes the work of current students and recent graduates of university Creative Writing courses. You can read more about it, and purchase a copy of the issue on MISO‘s website www.miso.riversideinnovationcentre.co.uk.

I’m currently a student on the prose MA course and the University of East Anglia. I’m in the second year of a part time course, and will be graduating this summer. This issue of MISO also features the work of one of my fellow students Julianne Pachico.