“A Good Life” Published in Fleeting

Short Fiction


Gillam is being divorced. Gillam’s wife is in the garden smoking. Gillam is packing his clothes into a suitcase.

Gillam takes the suitcase downstairs, bumping every step. He hammers on the window and when his wife turns around he points at the door to tell her he’s leaving.

“You’re a fucking whore,” he says. “You’re a whore, you’re a whore, you’re a whore.”

“Fuck you,” says Gillam’s wife, and spits on the glass.


My short story “A Good Life” appears online on the website of Fleeting. It is a story about a  man getting divorced and taking drugs.

Fleeting is an editing house and literary consultancy, who offer advice and other services to writers of literary fiction. As well as this they also publish online a series of short stories and interviews, including this excellent story by Diana McCaulay.

You can find an archive of other stories and interviews, as well as more about what Fleeting do, on their website.