“Laitka” Published in Brittle Star

Short Fiction

Brittle Star

Laitka must be bathed every month with a sponge and warm water. Soft soap if she needs it. She gets tacky with all the fluids that dirty her, and her clothes may stick. If they stick the patterns from the fabric will write themselves on her skin. I have never let this happen.


My very short story “Laitka” appears in the latest issue of little literary magazine Brittle Star. “Laitka” is about a man caring for his significant other, and was inspired by this documentary.

Brittle Star is now on its thirty-third issue. My work has appeared there once before in 2007, when they published my very short story “Sticking A Needle Through Your Finger“. Since then the magazine has been redesigned, and is now a digest-sized paperback containing stories, poems, columns, reviews and interviews. You can find out more about Brittle Star, purchase a copy of the magazine, or enter their inaugural poetry competition by visiting their website www.brittlestar.org.uk.