“Dark” Published in Skive

Short Fiction

Skive Magazine

Cora was the first to dose, then me and Lloyd. Ben still has the belt around his arm. I point at it. “You should take that off.” He stops laughing and looks at it and I try to explain. “Take it off before your arm comes off.” But this makes us laugh again and Ben’s head rolls back against the windowsill and he doesn’t care.


My short story “Dark” has been published in the last ever issue of Skive Magazine. It’s a very short body horror piece about drugs and eyeballs. In previous years I’ve had two other – similarly dark – pieces appear in Skive: “Toronto” and “Bad Dream, The Day Before Quitting My Job“.

Skive has a been publishing for ten years – an impressive length of time when many literary magazines have such brief lifespans. The final issue features the work of over a hundred previous contributors, and can be purchased online or in print from the magazine’s website.