The South Circular

“Mid-Life” Published in The South Circular

Short Fiction

The South Circular

When I turned thirty, everyone started killing themselves. My neighbour slit his wrists in the bathtub, leaving behind a wife, two children, a pet Labrador and a half-finished scale model of the RMS Titanic. Then a secretary from work (I never knew her name) was found in the basement, hung with an extension cord, and there was sorrow there, and hushed talk in the cafeteria, and a whip-round for a wreath.


My short story “Mid-Life” has been published in digital magazine The South Circular. The story is about strange dreams and multiple concurrent suicides. You can download a copy of the issue and read it for just three Euros.

The South Circular describes itself as a “quarterly e-journal of short stories designed to be portable and downloaded directly to your reading device“. My story appears in issue seven, which has a rather haunting cover image by Philip White.