.Cent Magazine

“Three Dreams” Published in .Cent

Short Fiction

Cent Magazine

It won’t stop raining. The river fills and spills over, laps up the field like the sea eating a beach. Brackish brown. We watch it with concern, one eye on our picnics and one on the encroaching wet. Nobody gets up to move. It may still turn out a good day yet.


A very short piece of my writing titled “Three Dreams” appears in the latest issue of .Cent Magazine. This magazine / website publishes an eclectic mix of art, writing, fashion, design, architecture and several other things besides. The theme of the issue was “Cornucopia”, with my piece appearing as part of the “Overflow” section.

I’ve enjoyed browsing through .Cent just for the variety it offers, and the creative ways in which the various themes are interpreted. The digital magazine is pretty interesting too – there’s a sense of discovery as you navigate your way through it.