“Gravity” Published in Popshot

Short Fiction


Gravity started reversing. It happened slowly, in increments day by day. At first you’d hang for just a second longer than usual at the apex of a jump. Feathers and dust and the broken nibs of pencils refused point-blank to fall. Water wobbled slowly from the tap like golden syrup. I thought it was fun when I found that I could jump from the top of the stairs and drift gently down through the air like a seed.


My very short, surreal story “Gravity” has been published in the “Imagination” issue of poetry and illustration magazine Popshot. The magazine is available in print from www.popshotpopshot.com, where you can also read a short online sample (which includes my piece) from the issue.

My work has appeared in Popshot once before, in the “Love” themed issue in 2012. It’s a literary magazine I always enjoy reading, both for the writing and the wonderful illustrations.