“The Little People” Published in Forge

Short Fiction


Before the light is up they rise to stretch and shower and mumble about the sharehouse in a state of bleary semi-wake. Lives lived by a different clock; a foreign clock that some still set their watches by. Wash quietly, brush teeth quietly, dress in such silence that the clink of a belt buckle is painfully loud. They hold whispered, tame conversations in their native tongue.


My short story “The Little People” appears in issue 6.1 of Forge. It can be read online at forgejournal.com. Forge is a quarterly publication, and features art, fiction, poetry, comics and nonfiction. The cover illustration of each issue features tiny people opening regular-size objects – a theme that I thought was particularly appropriate to the story.

“The Little People” follows a group of immigrant workers as they go about their daily routine, working, shopping, getting lost and living in a shared house.