“Bad Dream, The Day Before Quitting My Job” Published in Skive

Short Fiction

Skive 2 - Post

I was at work, an early shift. Someone started screaming down the radio. I didn’t understand, at first, what was going on. Across the lobby, beyond the big elephant I saw the reception staff fiddling with a handset, trying to decipher the noises. I went into the office. Everyone was panicking. There was a camera feed up on one of the boxes. It showed the park, and there were people running in every direction.


My very short story “Bad Dream, The Day Before Quitting My Job” appears in Skive, in the “Real Dreams” themed issue. Skive is available online and in print. My work has appeared there once before, several years ago now, when my story “Toronto” was published in Issue #6.

“Bad Dream, The Day Before Quitting My Job” is a fictionalised version of a dream I had shortly before leaving my job as a porter at a hotel in a large resort. I don’t think the dream meant anything in particular, but its timing was interesting, and so I decided to write about it.