“Movie Night” published in Dirtflask



“It’s a snuff film, he says, holding out the box,
the slim black box, innocuous as bad rice.
You don’t know how you ended up
at this house party, this night,”


My poem “Movie Night” appears in Issue #2 of Dirtflask. In recent times this magazine has ceased publication, but you can still find the three issues which were produced during its brief lifespan online. On what remains of the website you can also see a picture of the first published issue, which took the form of a glass bottle filled with dirt and several small scrolls of paper, each bearing a poem. It’s an oddly-appealing object, and I’m disappointed that this magazine is no longer alive.

“Movie Night” is a poem about a watching a snuff film at a party. I wrote it after hearing an ex-policeman speak about some of the material he dealt with during the course of his job.