“The Keeper” Published in Rumble

Short Fiction

Rumble - Post

She loves him enough to ask no questions. When he leaves the office for his break she slips inside and cleans up what mess the morning has generated: she sweeps the crumbs from his desk, wipes away the sweat on the wristplate of his computer. She empties the bin, pinches lost hairs from the headrest of his chair, opens the window to disseminate the faint smell of urine.


My short story “The Keeper” appeared online in Rumble, which was – during its lifetime – an excellent repository of very short fiction. It is now defunct, although a version of the site is archived. You can read an intact version of my story here, via The Wayback Machine.

“The Keeper” is a story about a secretary who feels an unusual degree of affection for her boss, who is tragically incompetent at his job.