Fusion Fragment

“Sometime After” Published in Fusion Fragment

Short Fiction

Fusion Fragment

He has heard stories from other scavengers about underwater ghosts, gilled humans, mermaids; about great oil slicks leached from drowned cars that lie on the surface and burn for months at a time. Roe has seen none of these new wonders for himself, and this morning is no exception. There is only the city, brooding there absurdly like a collection of teeth.


My short story “Sometime After” appeared in the online science-fiction magazine Fusion Fragment. Unfortunately, Fusion Fragment now no longer exists – a copy of the story is available in this internet archive.

“Sometime After” is a story about two men who share a boat in a world which has flooded. It follows on, more or less, from my other short story “After The Flood“, which appeared in Word Riot in 2007.